Hernan Guaita

    Hernan Guaita

    Date of birth:

    18 November of 1986.

    University studies

    Attorney, graduated in December of 2011. University of Buenos Aires.

    Academic background

    He completed a master's degree in criminal law and criminal science, taught by the Universitat de Barcelona and Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain (2014). In the Austral University held the degree of Compliance and criminal law (2015-6), Currently she is the "program update on prevention Global of washing of assets and financing of the terrorism" and continues with the graduate “Specialization in criminal law", at the University of Buenos Aires. He participated in numerous national and international seminars, such as "Authorship and participation in crime of business", "Money laundering", "Private corruption and economic crimes", "Variations on the presumption of innocence", "Business organizational principles as criteria of attribution of responsibility", "Dolo and its test in the criminal process", "The problems in the investigation of cybercrime from the judicial point of view", "What is terrorism?”, and other.



    Labor history

    Began his career in the year 2008 in the study Aguirre Saravia & Gebhardt. During 2008 to 2015 He served in the Judicial power of the nation, carrying out functions in different national courts criminal of instruction as well as in oral courts. She joined the study García Santillán & Olmedo in April of the 2015, serving as a lawyer specializing in criminal law, Economic criminal, Tax criminal, Criminal procedure and Compliance & Corporate Defense.